We find it important to optimize results in our stable and do all our work efficient, it gives so much satisfaction. Rideability and to maximize the development of each horse gives good results by performing well at shows. Talent, rideability and good results at competition leads to successful sales and customer satisfaction. For instance the horse SRI Aladdin has been trained and developed by us and he participated in the world championship of the youngsters in Lanaken with fantastic results. He was then sold when he had proved himself and his talent is now proven in America.


Our business concept is based on trust. Trust between rider and horse is essential, teamwork leads to results. Furthermore the trust between clients and us is extremely important. Long term thinking, cooperation and honesty are our way of building trust. A good example here is our cooperation with Stal Hendrix, we train a lot of horses for them since we started our business.


We are always ready to help you! We find possibilities, we have the knowledge and experience to guide you and advice you. We are eager and quick, you can reach us almost instantly. Our service can include coaching, training after sales, advice in nourishment, management and care.

These three aspects of our business philosophy are the foundation of our business and this is how we build customer satisfaction. For us customer satisfaction is most important and gives us much joy.

"Rob is one of the most important trainers that improved me, gave me hope and made me believe in myself"
Raed Al Sabbab
"You can rely on the management of your horse is well taken care of"
"I´ve bought my gorgeous horse Cookie Monster by Stal Heijligers and I am so grateful to them for this! Not only for the horse but also for the great sales procedure"
"Rob and Nina are very friendly people. They are most proficient, target focused and customer oriented. "

We believe in:


We are motivated by the happiness we feel when working with horses, and how rewarding it is to win prizes as a result of our partnership.